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What Does it Mean to Truly Care?

Posted on January 12, 2018 at 6:05 PM

Nowadays it just seems like the only caring that takes place is only about oneself. We are so distrated with our careers, children, social media, phones, bills, worries, thoughts and the list goes on. Only when we tend to slow down and take each day by day do we truly understand the true meaning of what life is truly about. So what does it truly mean to care? To go out of your way when we are busy, stop and help that person stranded on the highway, have something disturb our routine without losing it, donate something to a good cause? All these things are good but does it truly capture your emotion of caring. The question is do you feel it? 

According to Merriam-Webster 

Definition of Caring

": feeling or showing concern for or kindness to others a kind, caring person"

I waited expectantly for the sympathy to come pouring out, since Mary Anne is the most sensitive, caring person I know… —Ann M. Martin

The Steve Martin character is consistently suave, gracious, tender, caring, worldly wise, and a great lover. —Richard Alleva

— caringly adverb

was treated gently caringly."

So according to the dictionary that caring is "feeling or showing concern." So how are we showing our concern in regards to caring for others? Are we doing good deeds, being selfless, caring for others without thinking what I can get in return, helping others, uplifting those out of darkness? These are the questions that we need to ask ourselves to remain at peace with ourselves. The more you do for others the more you get the focus off of your own problems (and we all have them regardless if we think we may not). Sometimes we go through life thinking that if we do not care and simply care for ourselves only that we will live peaceful and content lives. Unfortunately, that is not always the case and we end up creating more problems for ourselves and don't allow God to work through our lives. So what does it truly mean to care about someone? Being there and showing concern and feeling it truly means that we care. Here is a poem that was written in regards to truly caring and showing concern by one of our aides in regards to showing feeling and concern even when she was not required to. What a Beautiful Soul. 

"This one is for a very special family...lots of love hugs and prayers going out for you guys!!!"

He is fighting harder than he ever fought before,

he's fought fires, he's fought hardships, arguments and more!

He's fought so hard through it all,

never complaining or holding back, or letting himself fall!

Then one day he was handed a new battle to fight, the biggest battle by far,

he fought and he fought, this very brave man,

surrounded by his family, friends, even strangers lent a hand!!

He thought he could conquer and win this battle as so many others have done,

but after awhile he grew more and more tired and the battle was yelling, 'I won, ' I won'!!

This very brave man's days left here with us may not be many more,

He and God above will be the winners, the CAPTAIN, the Hero, his broken body no more, but his soul set free to soar!! - Lisa A. 

Ask yourself the question What Does it Mean to Truly Care? 

Are you giving of yourself for others and always put yourself on the back burner? Do you think that you always have to be first? By truly thinking of others and keeping them in your heart, mind, and spirit that you truly understand what it means to care. Have you lifted sad hearts and done things for the right reason? Have you done things for others even when they didn't ask you?

I remember plenty of times that my mother even when she did not have anything that she would still find a way to provide for someone else. As an example, she never allowed her gas tank to get below half since she was always scared she would run out of gas. She was not born of riches and fame and practically her whole life she lived paycheck to paycheck. So she had her last 20 dollars for the week to fill the gas to full. Instead she gave her 20 dollars to someone else that needed it because he forgot his wallet and needed gas to get himself to work. It was also a legit person as well even though sometimes begging can be a scam but this one was not. She put herself aside and thought of someone else because she already had a half a tank. Even when she did not know this guy at all that she truly did care. 

She was always the first one to rush in and try to help even when it meant she would not have herself. She always put other people first and was not cocnerned about the payback. Even in her darkest hour she found ways to promote others and not so miuch of herself. This is what true caring is all about and how sometimes we tend to forget it because of all the hustle and bussle that we go through on a daily basis. To give of yourself even in your darkest hour truly resinates us on how we should care. 

According to the Bible NSV:

John 19:26-27: Even when Jesus was dying on the cross and in much pain, he still cared for his mother. When he saw her standing by the cross he made sure his friend would take care of her after he died.

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