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Services We Provide


Companionship & Personal Assistance

We respect the need for individuals that need some additional help. Sometimes all we need is someone to just listen and be there. We would like to be there for you while maintaining your dignity and respect while building great relationships.

Meditation and Yoga

Meditation/Yoga & Field Trips

Meditation and mindfulness practices can help in building better quality of life while reducing stress, depression, and anxiety. This is a unique concept because all other agencies are  more inclined on focusing on treating the symptoms, not the person or how they feel. We also offer field trips to applicable clients that would like further interaction with other folks like they are. This would include trips to restaurants, casinos, senior centers, beaches, state parks, and other joint ventures.

Medication Monitoring

Medication Monitoring & Healthful Living

We are committed to following doctors orders and having our patients follow those orders as well. We are committed to providing nutritional meals with diet monitoring especially for those that may have eating disorders or other complications such as diabetes. 

Do you need a break from taking care of someone? We are here to help. Care giving can be very stressful at times because of the constant demands that you are trying to keep up with. Give us a call and we can join forces to accomplish a greater goal of taking care of your loved one. Everyone needs a little help every once in awhile.